Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Alexander Solzhenitsyn - Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Great...

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Great russian author of the 20 th century): A day in the life of ivan denisovich and the gulag archipelago Novel which is serialized in the soviet magazine, about a soviet soldier who fought against the nazi and then is placed in a gulag upon his return Gulag archipeglago – explores the concentration camp The Thaw generation – soviet society thawing out after freeze of stalinism Western styles, non-conformism, and politics of popular culture Young soviets wanted to wear blue jeans, wanted long hair, listened to the beatles – alternative life styles represents a culture challenge that is not overtly political but nonetheless a challenge to communist ideology, this is a real problem because people aren’t enthusiastic about building communism - ppl are becoming deatched from the goals of communism Retreat into the private sphere and de-ideologization Khrushchev ousted from power and the Brezhnev era begins More conservative, thought Kh. Had gone too far and he tries to
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Alexander Solzhenitsyn - Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Great...

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