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Exam 2 - Exam 2 What was the nature of British colonial...

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Exam 2 What was the nature of British colonial rule in India? What was Gandhi’s method for achieving independence? What was the nature of politics in post-colonial India? What were the successes and failures of post-colonial India? o Process of nation building at work The British in India o The British East India Company and Sepoy Rebellion British merchants begin trading and slowly influence politics to gain greater influence over Indian affairs The British east India company was the primary agent of british rule with its own privately financed army and navy, it becomes increasingly unable to manage its affairs in india and it faces a rebellion in 1857 by Indian troops (Sepoy rebellion) sparked by a rumor that the british were going to use a new grease made of cow fat. British government forces dissolve the east india company and from that point on all of south asia come under direct british rule o The Raj: the “crown Jewel” of the british empire
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