Lonely superpower or hyperpower

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o Lonely superpower or hyperpower Critics say he was a self-serving American. Europe and Asia were emerging powers but it would take time for them to develop To a certain degree the US did embrace this and act unilaterally in the world o Self appointed world policeman – who else would do it if the US didn’t? o The myth of multilateralism: the first gulf war and its consequences Sadam Hussein invades Kuwait and threatens vital oil supplies of middle east International coalition and US launch a war to expel Hussein – looks like multilateralism but the US did most of the fighting and without the support of the rest of the world the US still would have done it anyways Sends a message to would be aggressors – we have enormous military power if you even think of threatening us
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Unformatted text preview: o The Achilles Heal? The American economy (debt) American economy is the greatest weakness, relative to other countries the US economy has declined since the 1970s o The limits of (hard) American power: Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and North Korea o The passing of the unipolar moment? Did it ever exist? Unipolar moment is coming to an end shown best by the inability of the US to achieve the desired outcomes it wanted in Iraq and Afghanistan, despite massive application of its power and cannot stop rouge states like n. korea. Us dollar and economy has lost much of its luster ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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