Taliban victories

Taliban victories - o Taliban victories Take control of...

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o Taliban victories Take control of Kandahar and other cities and finally Kabul, the capital o Taliban war on civil society and women Harsh punishments, amputations or public executions Banned sports, recreation, dancing, television Men were given 6 weeks to grow a beard Destroy civil society Women suffer the most – girls schools closed, women cannot work outside of the home, when in public were to be completely covered, women were not allowed to make noise with their feet when they walked. Why? Taliban wanted to distinguish themselves through their policies against women and this was one way. The basic nature of Taliban culture – an all male brotherhood, they never had much contact with women at all, they feared women, didn’t respect them, represented a corruption The tailban are initially welcome because they bring peace and stability – ppl were initially willing to put up with them for peace The US and Afghanistan - 1995 o Renewed interest – Afghanistan provided a potential pipeline route for oil
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