The opening of a New Era

The opening of a New Era - The opening of a New Era The...

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The opening of a New Era: The world after 1945 The legacy of WWII o Destruction, genocide, and the New Atomic Reality Most civilians ever killed in a war Economies devastated – world trade all but destroyed States were shattered ended and occupied Auschwitz – death factory – how to kill as many ppl as possible, marrying technology and diplomacy Hiroshima – human beings using rational thought and science to kill as many ppl as possible *After WWII humanity knew that we could destroy civilization o The end of the (west) European Hegemony – the end of European dominance replaced by a bipolar world o The emergence of the Bipolar World (USA v. USSR) US – liberal democracy and capitalism USSR – communism Struggles between two ideologies 2 superpowers – one is vastly more powerful, the us, greater military resources and greater economy. After WWII the US was more powerful than the rest of the world combined o The American World System: A “pax Americana”
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