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Becoming a Holy Warrior

Becoming a Holy Warrior - o Becoming a Holy...

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o Becoming a Holy Warrior (muhjahid): Bin Laden in Afghanistan The Afghan arabs – supported charity work for the afghan arabs, he later embraces the role of holy warrior and fights directly against the soviets The myth of the CIA-Bin Laden relationship After 9/11 its believed that the CIA trained and supplied Bin laden but this is nonsense. The CIA had zero operational link with Bin Laden o The founding of Al Qaeda: The vanguard of jihadism Trained professional jihadists who will carry on a holy war The core of Al Qaeda o The first gulf war, Somalia, and the Second radicalization of Bin Laden Bin Laden tells the Saudi king he will organize his own jihadists to expel Kuwait army, but the Saudi monarchy decline and invited the US army This infuriated Bin Laden – marks his hatred for the US, he views this as US occupation of the holy land of islam This is the crucial event that turns Bin Laden against the US and the Saudi monarchy o
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