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Heading toward détente

Heading toward détente - Heading...

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Heading toward détente o The crisis of 2001/2002 o MAD and détente o Cricket diplomacy and musharaffs visit to india Cricket matches – cultural realtions that attempted to pave the way to better relations – Pakistanis and Indians travelling to each others countrys and not killing each other. Finally musharaff visits india and talks begin Pakistan Today: a “failed” state with nuclear weapons? o Potentially the most dangerous state in the world o Benazir Bhutto – prime minister in the 1990’s and forced into exile while musharaff was in power o August 2008 Musharaff leaves office – he had alienated too many groups, lost US favor o President Asif Ali Zardair – tepidly embraced by US, somewhat of a playboy, seen as the US best available man and the obama administration has made it clear that the raod to peace in Afghanistan runs through Pakistan, he promised to renew the fight against the Taliban and pursue democratic and economic reforms o Where is osama bin laden?
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