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III. Capitalism without Democracy · Modernization Theory and Democratization o First you have economic development, middle class that gets wealthier and wants access to political power and demands reform but this hasn’t happened, and it doesn’t seem to be on the horizon · Deng and the One-Party State o He wasn’t interested in political reform, effective administrators and less communism but he was not a pluralist · Tiananmen Square Demonstrations and Deng’s Response (April-June, 1989) o Students protest for democracy – didn’t have a coherent ideological program for revolution and reform, they didn’t know exactly what they wanted to do o Grow to a million ppl daily, lot of enthusiasm, Deng calls in the red army · The Success of China’s “Goulash” (Lo Mein?) Communism o Evolved from totalitarianism to authoritarianism o We will create the conditions for poverty ending and you respect our party – this is the communism that works, standard of living is improving so ppl are less
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