Real Independence and the Cost of Revolution

Real Independence and the Cost of Revolution - intervention...

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Real Independence and the Cost of Revolution o Ambivalent relationship: cuba and soviet union Castro was upset that the USSR had backed down to the US but the enter into a long mutually beneficial relationship USSR provided a market for Cuba o Exporting Revolution Latin America (Bolivia) and the end of Che Guevera Sends Guevara to Bolivia to spread revolution but it is a failure and he is killed Intervention in Angola and Ethiopia More success if Africa, in angola and Ethiopia , war in Angola helped undermine the South African regime, successful
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Unformatted text preview: intervention • Mandela called castro south africa’s only friend and it was he who saved him in his darkest hour Symbol of Defiance • Should the US embargo end? This embargo has placed enormous pressure for the Cuban economy, its market for sugar and cigars is in the US. Still in place today • Exile community in the US in FL which can tip Fl in presidential directions The special period – Castros remarkable survival 1991-2006 Castro’s successor? • Rual Castro • Hugo Chavez • Luiz Lula do Silva...
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