Real Independence and the Cost of Revolution

Real Independence and the Cost of Revolution - intervention...

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Real Independence and the Cost of Revolution o Ambivalent relationship: cuba and soviet union Castro was upset that the USSR had backed down to the US but the enter into a long mutually beneficial relationship USSR provided a market for Cuba o Exporting Revolution Latin America (Bolivia) and the end of Che Guevera Sends Guevara to Bolivia to spread revolution but it is a failure and he is killed Intervention in Angola and Ethiopia More success if Africa, in angola and Ethiopia , war in Angola helped undermine the South African regime, successful
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Unformatted text preview: intervention Mandela called castro south africas only friend and it was he who saved him in his darkest hour Symbol of Defiance Should the US embargo end? This embargo has placed enormous pressure for the Cuban economy, its market for sugar and cigars is in the US. Still in place today Exile community in the US in FL which can tip Fl in presidential directions The special period Castros remarkable survival 1991-2006 Castros successor? Rual Castro Hugo Chavez Luiz Lula do Silva...
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