Standard of living and environmental impact

Standard of living and environmental impact - o Standard of...

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o Standard of living and environmental impact Rich ppl use more and make bigger messes o Global climate change (global warming) and CO2 emissions CO2 prevents the escape from radiant heat from the atmosphere Warming of 1-2 degrees in the next century o Carbon emission per capita (tons): living on one tone of carbon or less per yea Avg American produces 20 tons of CO2 every year, the US produces 1/5 of global CO2 emissions per year o Pvoerty, ending, prosperity creating growth = more CO2 emissions Economic growth and development in its current form will produce more CO2 emissions which will lead to more warming which consequences could be catastrophic The emergence of an environmental consciousness o Early critics of industrialization: the romantics Romantic poets, writers, artists began to criticize industrializations impact on nature, see the industry could destroy nature, disrupt the beauty and serenity Ubran reformers notice just how dirty industrialization had made the air
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