The emergence of environmental policy

The emergence of environmental policy - The emergence of...

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The emergence of environmental policy o Domestic The Air pollutions act (1955), the clean air act (1963), clean water act (1972) The eviornmental protection agency (1970) Love canal and superfund (1980) School was almost built on top of a toxic waste dump Green politics and parties in Europe Parties who primary platform is the environment o International United nations conference on the human environment The ozone hole and the montreal protocol – banned the use of CFC’s and now the hole is getting smaller The Rio “earth summit” and the convention on climate change Ppl were receptive to the idea of policies to do something about climate change Largest summit convened – produced convention of climate change, blue print which helped provide the paramaters for the Kyoto protocol, the US was not in attendance The Kyoto protocol: Goals and failure Most famous and most important attempt to deal thus far with climate change that aimed to reduce CO2 emissions by 5.2% from
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