The military coup and the emergence of the Ba

The military coup and the emergence of the Ba - o The...

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o The military coup and the emergence of the Ba’athists o Second Ba’athist coup. Establishment of ba’ath rule in Iraq Appointed VP of ba’athist republic Bring political stability The dictatorship: Saddam o Nationalist education, joined the ba’ath part in the 20’s, one of the parties thugs, interested in revolution Escaped to Egypt and studied law after assassination attempt o 1979 becomes president: The tribal dictator The 70’s saw an increase in women’s rights, and education Cult of personality – ruthless organizers, conducts purge of ba’ath party, kills all of his opponents Secret police Elite army divisions Surrounded himself by loyal ministers and generals Created cult of personality – posters, statues, propaganda Saddam the novelist – Be Gone Deamons, in which he was defending against jews and outside imperialists o The Iran -Iraq war Saddam launches a war against Iran, he seizes leadership in the arab world and he tries to turn Iraq into the regions dominant power
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