The Roosevelt Corollary

The Roosevelt Corollary - o The Roosevelt Corollary New...

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o The Roosevelt Corollary New American policy of intervention in the region corollary to the Monroe doctrine, states that the right and duty of US to intervene in LA affairs with military force if necessary if those countries were unable to manage finances, beset by political and social instability, to get there house back in order so that they did not endanger the entire hemisphere But US decides if they are in order or not Begins 3 decades of direct and uninterrupted US intervention in LA, the White Man’s Burdern to help civilize less civilized people Used intervention to pursue US political and military interests in the region Unique form of imperialism – no direct colonialism, rather these states were protectorates of the US o US interventions in Latin America and the Rise of Anti-americanism Ppl felt humiliated that their countries were not truly independent, they were contingent upon having favor in Washington, felt that US pursued policies to benefit their own economic interests and Latin American elites. Anti Americanism becomes the driving force behind national, social,
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The Roosevelt Corollary - o The Roosevelt Corollary New...

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