The - • The “Independence” of Cuba o Was a Spanish...

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Unformatted text preview: • The “Independence” of Cuba o Was a Spanish colony until 1898 when there was a local rebellion and the Spanish American war o Yellow journalism stressed the suffering of Cubans and why the US needed to intervene o Under direct US administration form 1898-1901 helping prepare cuba for independence, forced them to adopt the Platt Amendment – named after American senator Orville Platt, an amendment to a army appropriations bill, which outlined US rights and privileges in cuba that cuba would have to adopt into its own constitution. Gives the US effectively the right to intervene in Cuban affairs if the Cuban government cant keep it own affairs in order and gave the US a permanent lease to Guantanomo bay. Establishes rights and privileges for the US in cuba after cuba attains independence and uses these rights to circumscribe Cuban sovereignty and it remains in effect until 1934 until the good neighbor policy is announced by FDR o Supervised independence o Batista – rigorous suppression of political opponents, rigged election, self-...
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The - • The “Independence” of Cuba o Was a Spanish...

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