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Why did the US invade Iraq

Why did the US invade Iraq - Why did the US invade Iraq...

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Why did the US invade Iraq? What went wrong since the invasion? The first gulf war: origins and aftermath o The end of the Iran-Iraq war Iraq was the regions most powerful country Second only to Israel in terms of military might Saddam was determined to be the most powerful leader o Saddam’s ambitions in the gulf region Saddam claimed Kuwait was stealing Iraqi oil and invaded the country o The invasion of Kuwait and the American response Americas said you have to get out Kuwait now and the US immediately sent troops to Saudi Arabia o Desert storm – why not Baghdad? Didn’t want to occupy Iraq, the were realists, wanted to keep Saddam to balance Iranian power but make sure that he is not dangerous to the region Lost opportunity to remove Saddam according to some o The Kurdish and the Shia uprisings Internal revolt encouraged by US Encouraged groups to remove Saddam themselves o Iraq as a sanctions regime Trading oil for food but saddam pocketed most of the money
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