Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder - Mood stabilizers: Lithium,...

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Bipolar disorder o DSM-IV criteria More severe than MDD Higher suicide risk than MDD Bipolar I - normal periods in between major depressive episodes and manic episodes Bipolar II – normal periods in between Major depressive episodes and hypomanic episodes Lifetime prevalence – 1% Equal sex ratio Onset: 18-22 o Cyclothymia Hypomanic episodes alternating with mild depression Chronic – 2+ years “Moody” with few neutral moods 1/3 go on to develop bipolar o Causes Less known than MDD Biology – genetics: bipolar disorders seems to have a stronger genetic component than MDD o If a family member has bipolar disorder your increased risk is for a mood disorder NTM – elevated dopamine associated with manic episodes Initial evidence that the age of father may increase risk for bipolar disorder because coping error in DNA Social – Stressful events can trigger episodes o Treatment – if you could only choose one treatment, go with medicine
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Unformatted text preview: Mood stabilizers: Lithium, anticonvulsant meds: recommended to start with Lithium because it decreases suicide 50% benefit from lithium and toxic at high doses, severe weight gain Psychotherapy increase compliance Family therapy help family understand what is going on with individual and better communication, and support Family therapy + medicine leads to better compliance and fewer relapse (& longer time until relapse) Eating Disorders Anorexia Nervosa (AN) o Clinical description DSM-IV criteria Very low weight for height, <85% of their ideal body weight, usually accomplished by food restriction Intense fear of gaining weight One of the following o Disturbed body perception o Self-evaluation overly due to weight/shape o Denial or seriousness of low weight Amenorrhea 3+ consecutive without a period...
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Bipolar disorder - Mood stabilizers: Lithium,...

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