Causal theories

Causal theories - Behavioral therapy Main goals reduce...

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Causal theories o Historical Precursor to schizophrenia -false Poor parenting : “refrigerator mother” cold, not emotionally available - false o Biological Genetics One child with autism, 5-10% of another child having autism Twin studies Neurobiology Smaller cerebellum o Involved in the ability to shift attention rapidly Oxytocin – involved with bonding with others o Lower levels in autistic individuals Parental age – older father associated with increased risk Environmental toxins – prenatal exposure Vaccines? Increase in # of vaccines given in the first 2 years which coincided with an increase in autism Vaccines contained thimerosal – helps preserve vaccines, mercury based element which is bad for brain No evidence Thimerosal has since been removed from vaccines but autism has still occurred Treatment – no medical cure o
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Unformatted text preview: Behavioral therapy Main goals: reduce problem behaviors and improve communication and social skills (toughest) Techniques – modeling and operant conditioning • Positive reinforcement as they get closer to a goal Importance of intensive early intervention • 24 hours a week of intervention – Applied Behavioral Analysis • Structured, multi-faceted intervention o Parents o Schools o Speech therapist • Costly and hard to find spets New study – kids with autism, early age and assigned them to a new approach or another. Intervention was 22 hours a week, control was 19 hours • Play interactive – put the learning as part of play • Parent coaching – pick up on subtle signs of enjoyment • Screening missing language/interactional milestones or loss of language or social skills at any age...
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Causal theories - Behavioral therapy Main goals reduce...

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