Clusters - Sex ratio: 3% more men in clinical Onset:...

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o Clusters Cluster A “odd” Odd, eccentric behaviors o Paranoid o Schizoid o Schizotypal* Cluster B “dramatic” Dramatic, erratic behaviors o Antisocial* o Borderline* o Histrionic o Narcissistic Cluster C “anxious” Anxious, fearful behaviors o Avoidant o Dependent o Obsessive-compulsive* o Comorbidity Axis II + Axis I = worse prognosis than axis I alone Comorbidity with another Axis II is common Antisocial personality disorder – not about not liking social situations o Clinical description Pattern of disregard for and violation of others’ rights (total disregard for social norms) – may include: Criminal activity Lying, conning, manipulative – feels 2 nd nature Impulsivity Aggressiveness Irresponsibility Lack of remorse, empathy + evidence of conduct disorder before age 15 Prevalence - 1% in the community
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Unformatted text preview: Sex ratio: 3% more men in clinical Onset: childhood o Comparisons with psychopathology (not a DSM disorder) Psychopath: Superficial charm, glib, smooth Conning, manipulative, pathological lying o Social predator charm ppl into relationships and then con them out of everything Grandiose sense of self-worth Lack of remorse Proneness to boredom successful psychopaths successful in the world (politician, lawyer) Psychopathy focus: underlying personality traits APD focus: observable behaviors APD & psychopathy are related but do not perfectly overlap DSM V proposes anti-social psychopathic type Overlap with criminality Psychopaths who commit crimes are more likely to repeat them (recidivism)...
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Clusters - Sex ratio: 3% more men in clinical Onset:...

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