Consequences - o If in prison expectation is that you will...

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o Consequences NGRI evaluated If found MI psychiatric facility until judged no longer MI and then released If found no longer MI released 85% sent to mental hospital and all but 1% are under some supervision or care Length of hospitalization may exceed time in jail if had been convicted Guilty but Mentally Ill (GBMI) – new verdict to reform insanity defense, tries to treat and punish Regular prison term in either prison or mental health facility
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Unformatted text preview: o If in prison, expectation is that you will also receive treatment, but its not panning out this way • Recognize mental illness but hold the individual accountable Problem-solving courts: mental health courts, ppl with mental illness who committed crimes, there are also substance dependence courts • Idea is to be more cooperative, acknowledge the role the disorder may have played...
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