Neuropsychological tests

Neuropsychological tests - Neuropsychological tests...

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Neuropsychological tests Indirectly observes the effects of brain damage Battery testing variety of skills Screener – before costly brain imaging assessments Reliable and valid but they have a long administration Cultural bias o Underestimate or overestimate problems o Strategies to avoid bias Learn about culture Extra effort with rapport Classification and Diagnosis Classification – construction of categories and assignment of people/objects to the categories on the basis of shared attributes Diagnosis (dx) – label affixed to a set of symptoms that tend to occur together Rationale o Communication – common vocab o Etiology – for research o Treatment – guide treatment selection o Insurance Types of classification o Categorical classification – is it this or not? Very clear cut – yes or no Does the person have high blood pressure? Yes or no o Dimensional classification – how much? Where does the person’s blood pressure fall on a continuum of
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Neuropsychological tests - Neuropsychological tests...

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