Psychological - o Impaired communication About 50 develop...

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o Psychological – Self monitoring use and urges Identify triggers of urges Coping strategies for high risk situations Relapse prevention training Lapse vs. relapse o One time slip is a lapse, they have not relapse into their problem Aversion therapy Associate drinking with negative things Alcoholics anonymous Always a recovering alcoholic 12 step program Social support Autism Clinical description – pervasive developmental disorders o Impaired social interactions Most central feature Failure to develop relationships expected for age No peer friends – don’t socially connect with others Use adults as tools Sometimes no joint attention in infancy Impaired use of and interpretation of non-verbals in interactions Poor or unusual eye contact Don’t read people well Lack of interest in others Lack of empathy or perspective taking
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Unformatted text preview: o Impaired communication About 50% develop no useful speech Communication is peculiar • Echolalia – repeat or echo parts of others speech • Pronoun reversal – not use I when referring to self o Repetitive and stereotyped behaviors/interests Repetitive behaviors • Hand flapping • Body rocking Self injurious behaviors – bang head against wall, hit themselves “maintenance of sameness” - intense preference for the status quo Repetitive, non-symbolic play – use a truck and spin it, instead of making truck noise and making the truck drive • Statistics o Prevalence – less than 1% o Sex ratio – more males o IQ – 50% mental retardation (<70) o Course – develop symptoms by or before 36 months o Best prognosis if… Higher IQ Better language skills...
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Psychological - o Impaired communication About 50 develop...

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