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Reciprocal gene

Reciprocal gene - Reciprocal gene-environment model o...

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Reciprocal gene-environment model o Individuals with a genetic predisposition for a disorder also have the genetic tendency to create environmental risk factors that promote the disorder Ex: Relationships and Depression – history of depression in the family and the person is a passive, unassertive person, which contributes to being in a less ideal relationship Implications for psychopathology Nature AND Nurture Genes or Stress alone do not guarantee disorder Neurosciences o Nueronal communication Neuron – nerve cell which transmits info Dendrite – receives info at receptor sites Axon – transmits info away Synapse – space between neurons Vesicles – sacs that the neurotransmitters are stored in Neurotransmitters (NTM) – chemicals that carry messages from neuron to neuron and cluster in “brain circuits” Too much or too little is associated with different disorders, not causal Manipulating NTM activity
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