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Antecedents of language development
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o Antecedents of language development Infants know a great deal about language before than can speak… Categorical speech perception – infants and adults can perceive speech sounds as belonging to discrete categories o Ba vs. pa Cooing and babbling o o Impact of physical development o Impact of the environment Children only babbly a small selection of sounds found in the human language Joint attention o Process in which social partners intentionally focus on a common referent in the environment Parent follows the baby’s lead and comments on what the baby is doing or looking at o Intersubjectivity o Semantic development Early word recognition 4.5 month infants recognize their own name 7-8 month infants recognize new words Reference Associating words with meaning occurs at 6 months Comprehension vocabulary – words that infants understand 10 month infants comprehend, but cannot say, 11 to 154 words
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