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Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development - Cognitive Development Influential...

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Cognitive Development Influential theories of cognitive development o Why not just one theory? Child development is complex and varied – no single theory can account for all of it o Piaget’s theory – genetic epistemology (the study of knowledge) Central themes Nature/nurture o Schema – our idea of something, how we organize/categorize things o Adaptation – adjusting one’s thinking to fit environmental demands o Organization – combining simple mental structures into more complex ones Continuity/Discontinuity Active child Assumptions about children: Little scientist Active child – learn many things on their own, adults don’t make it happen. Intrinsically motivated to learn, no rewards are needed Learning Assimilation – integrating reality into one’s own view Accommodation – changing one’s view to better match reality Equilibration – balances these two so that an individual can adapt to their environment
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