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Effectiveness of program

Effectiveness of program - o Effectiveness of program Gains...

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o Effectiveness of program Gains in IQ scores from participating in early programs are not lasting but there are other long term effects Fewer children needed special education classes Fewer children were held back in school More program participants graduated from high school o Obstacles to informative research Politics – getting funding The need for a comparison group – you have to not give ppl something that you think will help them Radom assignment – how do you pick who is going to get the treatment Locus of effects Theories of Social Development Theories of social development attempt to account for important aspects of development o Morality o Attachment o Emotion o Gender o Self o Pesonality 4 major types of social development theories o Psychoanalytic theories Frued Theory of psychosexual development o Freud’s contributions Role of early experience Importance of subjective experience
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