Emotional development in childhood

Emotional development in childhood - o Emotional...

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o Emotional development in childhood The causes of emotions change throughout childhood, as children’s cognitive and emotional development progresses In preschool and early school years, children become less intense and less negative emotionally Emotional intensity increases again in adolescence o Depression Possible causes Genetics Maladaptive belief systems Feelings of powerlessness Lack of social skills Family factors may also contribute to depression Likely to due to a combination of personality vulnerability and external stressful factors Anti-depressants are the most common treatment More girls than guy especially during adolescence o Regulation of emotions Emotional self regulation – complex process that involves initiating, inhibiting, or modulating internal states, emotion related physiological processes, emotion related cognitions, and emotion related behaviors Development of emotional regulation By 6 months infants can self-sooth – distract themselves through
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Emotional development in childhood - o Emotional...

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