Imaginary companions

Imaginary companions - cognitive functioning o Idea 2 The...

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Imaginary companions o Entirely normal o More likely to be first born or only child o Watch relatively little TV o Verbally skillful o Advanced theory of mind Autism and ToM o Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction, communication, and restricted, repetitive behavior o Even when matched to individuals with the same IQ levels, autistic children have a difficult time with false-belief tasks Baron-Cohen: autistic children lack brain-reading mechanism Social interaction – lack of this May also be related to maturation of information processing system, slightly delayed in autistic individuals o Where does theory of mind come from? o Idea 1 Theory of mind module (TOMM) approach – brain mechanism is devoted to understanding others TOMM matures over the first fives years of life Module – self contained unit within the human brain separate from other aspects of
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Unformatted text preview: cognitive functioning o Idea 2 The amount of social interaction a person has is important Children with siblings do better with false-belief tasks than those without o Idea 3 The growth of information-processing skills is key to ToM Children with autism and typical children under 4 do not possess the processing skills necessary to keep track of conflicting information Chapter 8 What is intelligence? o Most peoples conceptions of intelligence include: Problem solve Verbal abilities Social compethence o Most psychologists say: Intelligence is the individual difference in how people process information History of intelligence testing o Sir Francis Galton Interested in heredity and differential psychology o Alfred Binet 1904 Goal was for school placement...
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Imaginary companions - cognitive functioning o Idea 2 The...

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