Maternal characteristics

Maternal characteristics - Diversity of childbirth...

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o Maternal characteristics Age – best b/w 16-34 Older mothers are more susceptible chromosomal disorders Nutrition Disease Rubella – can lead to deafness, blindness, mental retardation STD’s Stress Leads to higher rates of emotional problems and behavior disorders o Angelogens Folic acid Calcium Choline Birth and the newborn o The Birth experience 38 weeks after conception the baby is ready to be born Mom experiences contractions Babies get ready Where to give birth? o Hospital o Birthing center o Home 3 stages of labor Regular uterine contractions – dilation occurs Infant descends through the birth canal and is delivered The uterus expels the placenta Birth is probably not as painful for the infant as it is for the mother
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Unformatted text preview: Diversity of childbirth practices Drugs can be used to aid pregnancy Cesarean delivery Cultural differences Birth complications Anoxia lack of oxygen in brain cells More males than females born with physical anomalies o Sex chromosomes o Larger size of male heads APGAR Score Appearance (skin color) Pulse Grimace (reflexes) Activity (muscle activity) Respiration (breathing) Measured 1&5 minutes after birth Low Birth Weight LBW and being born prematurely may be caused by the mothers exposure to risk Most LBW infants catch up but some suffer long-term language, cognitive, and hearing deficits Helped by touch such as holding and cuddling...
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Maternal characteristics - Diversity of childbirth...

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