Mechanisms of change

Mechanisms of change - Test-retest Interrater reliability...

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o Mechanisms of change Variation Differences within and among individuals Selection More frequent survival and reproduction of organisms that are well adapted to their environment o Sociocultural context Physical, social, cultural, economic, and historical circumstances that make up a child’s environment Contexts of development differ within and between cultures Ex: cosleeping SES (socioeconocis status)– a measure of social class that is based on income and education o Individual differences Genes Treatment by other people Subjective reactions to other people’s treatment of them Choice of environment o Research and Children’s Welfare Child development research yields practical benefits in diagnosing children’s problems and in helping them overcome them Negative emotions Eye witness testimony Methods of Studying Child Development o Scientific method Question Hypothesis Test Conclude o Appropriate Measurement Reliability – will others be able to obtain similar results
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Unformatted text preview: Test-retest Interrater reliability will two witnesses observe the same thing Validity are you measuring the construct you think youre testing Internal validity degree to which the results in experiments can be attributed to the variables that the research manipulated intentionally External validity degree to which results can be generalized beyond a single research investigation o Methods for gathering data about children Reports Interviews o Structured interviews all participants asked the same question, scripted o Clinical interviews individual based and questions can be adjusted based on the answers the interviewee provides o Drawbacks Children are less attentive, slower to respond, difficulty understanding, misinterpret past events, avoid disclosing facts that present them in a bad light (social desirability)...
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Mechanisms of change - Test-retest Interrater reliability...

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