Phinney - o Phinneys 3 phases of ethnic identity...

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o Phinney’s 3 phases of ethnic identity development – Multigroup ethnic identity measure (MEIM) Ethnic identity diffusion/ foreclosure Ethnic identity search/moratorium Ethnic identity achievement o Development of ethnic identity Some minority adolescents increasingly identify with the majority culture, whereas others may develop a bicultural identity, which may lead to better physical and psychological health Sexual identity or orientation o A person’s preference in regard to males or females as object or erotic feelings o A core component of adolescent identity Dealing with new feelings of sexuality is difficult for many adolescents, but establishing a sexual identity is much harder for some o Sexual minority youth Most current theorists believe that feelings of sexual attraction to other of the same sex are based primarily on biological factors, although the environment may also be a contributing factor There is an increasing numbers of sexual minority youth who are
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Phinney - o Phinneys 3 phases of ethnic identity...

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