Preoperational - o Ignored emotional states and emotional...

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Preoperational (2-7) o Knowledge acquired through language, metal imagery, symbolic thought Symbolic representations – pretend play Egocentrism – tendency to view the world from ones own perspective Centration – focusing on one dimension of an object Reversibility Animistic thinking – attributing life to inanimate objects Concrete operational (7-12) o Children can reason logically about concrete objects and events o Conservation – understanding that changing the appearance or arrangement of objects does not change their key properties Formal operational (12 and up) o Children can think deeply about concrete events about can reason abstractly and hypothetically o Ability to engage in scientific thinking Evaluations of Piaget’s theory Pros o Changed how we see children’s thinking o Introduced us to the clinical interview o Had a vast influence on education o Stimulated enormous amounts of research Cons o Did he judge too strictly? Not give them enough credit? o Ignored the role of social contexts
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Unformatted text preview: o Ignored emotional states and emotional development o Information-processing theories View children as undergoing continuous cognitive change Concerned with the development of learning, memory, and problem-solving skills Central themes Nature/Nurture Mechanisms of change Computer as a model compare a human to a computer, the human mind processes like a computer Input Storage and retrieval Hardware o Brain o Sensory systems Software o Rules and strategies Sensory memory Short term memory o File being worked on before it is saved Long term memory o Hard drive o Autobiographical memory events that took place at specific times and places in an individuals life Occurs around 2.5 years of age. Infantile Amnesia o Development of learning and memory Basic memory processes Associating events with one another Recognizing objects as familiar Generalizing from one instance to another Encoding...
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Preoperational - o Ignored emotional states and emotional...

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