Surveys - Experimental • Random assignment –...

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Surveys o Statistical surveys Quantitative info about items in a population Standardized to ensure reliability, validity, and generalizability Conducted by phone, mail, web, etc Advantages Quick Large groups of ppl reached Control of environment where completed Disadvantages Impersonal People tend to stop participating mid-way Cannot ask for clarification Respondents can read whole questionnaire before answering questions Direct Observation Naturalistic o Examination of how children behave in their own environments o Unobtrusive Structured o Procedure involving presenting a number of children with an identical situation and recording the child’s behavior o Research designs Correlational – how 2 things are related Correlation does not equal causation -1 to 1 Direction of causation problem o We do not know which variable causes the other Third variable problem o There may be an extraneous variable
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Unformatted text preview: Experimental • Random assignment – individuals are placed randomly into control or experimental groups • Experimental group – exposed to treatment • Control group – not exposed • Independent and Dependent variables Case Studies – the study of an individual or a small group very closely • Advantages o Intense investigation o Investigation of rare phenomena • Disadvantages o Time consuming o Difficulty generalizing to other ppl and situations o Designs for examining development Cross-sectional • Children of different ages are compared on a behavior or characteristic at the same time point Longitudinal • Same children studied across time Microgenetic • Study of a behavior that is thought to be on the verge of change • Studied intensely over a short period of time...
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Surveys - Experimental • Random assignment –...

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