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Common - can’t be ‘uncertainties’ These two terms are...

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Common Mistakes (Projectile Motion): Similar to the thing last time, or. Separate ‘v’s should be calculated and then averaged . Draw some tables, make your data organized. Don’t put some spread out numbers and calculations there; don’t make me go back and forth multiple times. Write your data, calculations and results in a nice logical order. Was the height, h, the same at and 30 degrees? … No! The only reason that Range divided by time-of-flight in part 1 was initial velocity, was because the angle was zero; since, for , will be equal to 1, and thus by dividing R by t we will have initial velocity. This is not true for. When we have a set of data and we find the average and the uncertainty for the set, the decimal places in the uncertainty will only alter the average . The rest of the data points should not be changed ; they’ve been recorded with the precision of instrument and remain the same they were. As I already said, uncertainty is not error . Sources of error
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Unformatted text preview: can’t be ‘uncertainties’. These two terms are not interchangeable . • In all the lab reports we’ll need sources of error in the discussion part; both systematic and random . Systematic errors are the ones always acting on the system in one direction , making our measurements larger or lesser every time. Random errors are random ! And since we’re on the subject, systematic errors can’t be reduced by multiple trials , that’s random! • Alright, so these are the things worth points in abstract, 5 things, 2 point each: Purpose, Procedure summary, Numerical final results , Conclusion, Clarity. Anything more is not needed, anything less will cost points. Most of you seem to either forget the numerical results part or put every calculated number in abstract and leave out the main ones. Put the final numerical results in abstract! • Still problem with the golden rules… certain value and its uncertainty should match in decimal places. That’s always!...
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