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Alec Rubenstein Lab 7 Pre-Lab Empirical Analysis of a Ring Pendulum 2, 4, 6, 8: Part 2 of 5 2. I do not think that varying the mass will affect the period of oscillation. Because the pendulum is based off the force of gravity and all objects fall at the same rate of acceleration, I believe that this property will apply to the pendulum and mass will not affect the period of oscillation. 4. I believe that the value of night expected in this experiment is a 2 because the pendulum’s movement has to do with the moment of inertia where I=mr^2. Thus the relationship between the ring’s diameter and period would be quadratic. If n=1, the relationship would be linear.
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Unformatted text preview: If n=3, the relationship would be a cubic function. 6. If the period of oscillation did depend on the mass of the ring, it could be incorporated into the empirical equation, would change to be where some constant, b , divided by the mass of the object makes up the constant a in the empirical equation. 8. The uncertainty of the period should be calculated based off of the standard deviation. 5 (part 2). We should use rings of widely different diameters to provide a more accurate depiction of the relationship between ln(T) vs. ln(D). Rings of similar diameters make it more difficult to observe the relationship between these two variables....
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