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Alec Rubenstein March 16, 2011 Pre-Lab 6: Pre-Lab 6: Questions 1. The objective of this lab is to experiment with translational kinetic energy and rotational kinetic energy to calculate the geometric factor k for a rotating object. We are also trying to compare these factors across a variety of object shapes in part 2. 4. Friction between the rolling object and the ramp are necessary for this experiment because they make rotational energy possible. If there was no friction in this experiment, the objects would slide down the ramp without any rotation and thus there would be no rotational kinetic energy. Without any friction, the objects would have no traction with the ramp and the only kinetic energy would be the translational kinetic energy that we have seen in previous experiments. Thus the equation Gravitational Potential Energy = Translational Kinetic Energy and Rotational Kinetic Energy would now be GPE= Translational Kinetic
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Unformatted text preview: Energy and there would be no k factor to calculate in this experiment. Extra: Explain specifically how you will determine the initial height h of the object to be rolled. Should you measure from the top, middle, or bottom of each object? How might this choice affect your results in the last part of the experiment where you roll different sized objects from the same initial height? I will determine the initial height of the object by measuring the height to the middle of the object because the moment of inertia of an object is at the center of the object based on the axis of rotation. To calculate an accurate rotational kinetic energy, it is essential to measure the h from the correct position. In the second part of the experiment, this decision would affect our results because it would lead to calculating incorrect k values for each of the different objects, leading to systematic error....
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