Determination of efm for the Electron

Determination of efm for the Electron - Abstract (10 pts.)...

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Abstract (10 pts.) Provide an abstract for this experiment here. The purpose of this experiment was to measure the e/m ratio of an electron, the ratio of an electron's charge to its mass, and compare it to the currently accepted value of e/m. A DC power supply was connected to an ammeter, Helmholtz Coils, and a voltmeter. The accelerating voltage exiting the Helmholtz Coils was set to 50.3 volts in the first part of the experiment and 85.0 volts in the second part. Varying currents were run through the Helmholtz Coils in order to create a magnetic field that deflected the electron beam 0.5, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, and 2.0 cm from its originally vertical path. Using graphing techniques, we were able to calculate an e/m of 2.01*10^11 +/- 0.04 C/kg for the low voltage and 1.7*10^11 +/- 0.05 C/kg for the higher voltage. The weighted average was then calculated to be 1.86*10^11 +/- 0.03 C/kg. These values are not consistent with the currently accepted value of 1.758820*10^11 C/kg. The discrepancy between the values is most likely due to inaccuracy in measuring the diameter of the electron beam because of the large margin of error in visually determining the distance that the beam was deflected. Data, Results, Graphs 1. Graph used to determine e/m. Numerical Results 1. Theoretical value: e/m = ______ ± _____ C/kg As indicated in the lab manual, the currently accepted value for e/m is 1.758820*10^11 C/kg. 2. Value from graph using lower voltage (~50V): e/m = ______ ± _____ C/kg The e/m value can be obtained using equation (10) and the slope of the graph of B^2 vs. 1/(d^2 +a^2). The slope of the graph equals 2*10^-9 T^2*m. Equation (10) tells us that e/m = 8V/slope. Replacing V with the voltage 50.3 +/- 0.5 volts and putting in the slope, we get 2.01*10^11 C/kg. The uncertainty is calculated from the uncertainty in V and the uncertainty of the slope. The equations determining the uncertainty can be seen in the attached sample calculations
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Determination of efm for the Electron - Abstract (10 pts.)...

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