Determination of em for the Electron pre-lab

Determination of em for the Electron pre-lab - because the...

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1. The Earth’s magnetic field has a strength of about 0.5 gauss. What magnetic field strength must be produced by the coils so that the Earth’s magnetic field has less than a 1% effect on this experiment? How much current through the coils is needed to produce this magnetic field? If we want the earth’s magnetic field to have less than a 1% effect on this experiment, 0.5 gauss must be </= 0.01*(magnetic field produced by coils). 0.5 gauss is divided by 0.01 to give a magnetic field of 50 gauss. 2. How should the e/m apparatus be aligned so that the effect of the Earth’s magnetic field is minimized? The e/m apparatus should be aligned so that it is perpendicular to the ground. This way, the amount of magnetic field lines that go through the apparatus will be minimized
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Unformatted text preview: because the apparatus will be in the same direction as the magnetic field lines. 3. What two parameters can be varied in this experiment to change the radius of the electron beam? Explain how each of these parameters affects the radius. 4. List the potential sources of error for this experiment and describe what measures can be taken to eliminate or minimize each of them. 5. Use Eq. 6 to find the magnitude of the magnetic field B needed to bend the electron into a circular path of radius r=0.5 cm when the accelerating voltage is 50 volts. 6. Calculate the current in the Helmholtz coils needed to produce the magnetic field estimated in question 7. You will use this estimate to set the ammeter to the proper scale in the experiment....
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