Electric Field and Potential

Electric Field and Potential - The Electric Field and...

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The Electric Field and Potential Section 422, B.J. Anderson Stephen Harper Partners: . Tuesday, September 13, 2005 “The work presented in this report is my own, and the data were obtained by my lab partners and myself during the lab period.”
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Abstract: The objective of this lab was to investigate the principles of electric fields and the charges that are associated with them. In this experiment, charges were set to parallel lines, a line and triangle, and concentric circles. Equipotential surfaces were found and electric potential lines drawn in. In part 1, the electric field was constant between the parallel lines, as expected. The slope of the graph in between the two lines (value of electric field) was found to be E=│ΔV/Δx│=1.00 ± 0.01. This small uncertainty was due to the fact that the point on the graph did not vary much from the slope. In part 2, it was shown that the triangle and line works to direct charge towards the tip of the triangle, as in a lightning rod. In part 3, the concentric circles showed that the charge inside the smaller circle was constantly 12, while outside the larger circle was constantly 0. Data Analysis and Results:
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Electric Field and Potential - The Electric Field and...

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