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The most likely sources of uncertainty in this experiment are the inability of us to take into account any wind resistance or friction created between the ball and the air. As a result, the measurement of the distance will be limited to a certain degree of certainty and will need to be factored in accordingly. The limitations of the measuring devices to measure how far the target is from the table, because they must start directly below the table with nothing tangible to line up with, will also hamper the precision and accuracy of the experiment.
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Unformatted text preview: As a result, we will use the appropriate significant digits so as to demonstrate our uncertainty. By shooting the ball at an angle of zero, we limit the initial speed on the ball to its x component. If the launch angle is 30, we will have to calculate the x component of the ball using trigometric equations. Instead, we should use a zero launch angle when measuring the initial speed of the ball because the horizontal speed will simply be the distance it travels horizontally over the time it takes before it hits the ground....
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