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PHYS104. EXP6: Energy of a Rolling Object Prelab Questions 1. What is the objective of this lab? The objective of this lab is to employ the concept of the Law of Conservation of Energy in order to determine a constant in the equation of the moment of inertia for an object about its principal axis of rotation. The experiment is also designed to demonstrate that different objects have different rotational velocities, due to their differences in shape. The lab will also further demonstrate the idea that the real-world is frictionless, which will be accounted for in our uncertainty. The experiment will show that there is a loss of kinetic energy due to heat and therefore, the potential energy at the top of the ramp will not necessarily be translated to kinetic energy at the bottom of the ramp. 2. Identify three different objects and predict the ranking of their speeds at the bottom of the ramp if all three are released from the same initial height. The rotational kinetic energy of an object is directly related to an object’s moment of
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