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Physics lab report 1

Physics lab report 1 - Equilibrium of Forces Acting at a...

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Equilibrium of Forces Acting at a Point Phys 104L—Section 435 Lin Letian September 13, 2006 Josh Kahn Lab partner: Shanley Morgan UNC Honor Pledge: _______________________
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Abstract In this experiment, we investigated the hypothesis that forces exhibit additive properties and also allowed extensive practice with the concept of uncertainty. Both parts of the experiment challenged us to find an additional force vector that would cancel out the two or three forces working in opposite directions. Weights were attached to strings that pulled in varying directions against a small ring in the center of a force table. The position of the ring versus the pin that it surrounded illustrated whether the system was in translational equilibrium. Through graphical and numerical analysis, we determined the sum of the forces that brought our system into equilibrium. Taking into account the uncertainty of the measurement of force, the results supported the commonly accepted theory that force vectors can be summed. Discussion The condition for static equilibrium is satisfied in both parts of the experiment. Although the net force on the ring in part I of 0.033 N appears to disallow the ring from being in equilibrium, the experimental uncertainty of 0.082 N permits us to discount this force as negligible. The uncertainty, as a result of limited accuracy and precision of the instruments, suggests that 0 net force is in the range of possible forces exerted on the ring.
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