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General Lab Report Grading Rubric for Introductory Physics Labs at UNC-CH Effective Fall 2001, last revised: 8/22/01 Name: __________________________ Lab: ___________________________ Note: The weight assigned to each of the categories below is the same for all lab sections (numbers in bold); however, the maximum point value for each component may be modified by individual lab instructors. Score Pre-lab quiz 15 15 Correct answers to questions - partial credit given as appropriate Cover page 5 1 Title 1 Lab section and TA 1 Names of experimenters - author and lab partner(s) identified 1 Date lab was performed (not due date of report) 1 Honor pledge and signature Abstract 10 2 Purpose - statement of lab objective(s) and physics principle(s) investigated 2 Procedure - brief summary of investigation and the equipment used 2 Results - numerical values of key results, with uncertainties 2 Conclusion and implications - evaluation of results and lessons learned 1 Reasonably clear overview of lab
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