Prelab Ohms Law

Prelab Ohms Law - This is because ammeters have negligible...

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Prelab questions: 1. An I-V device is ohmic if the I-V characteristic forms a straight line, thus satisfying Ohms law, V = IR. 2. A voltmeter should be connected in parallel with a resistor. This is because voltmeters have very large resistance, and only a small portion will be directed through the voltmeter. 3. An ammeter should be connected in series with a resistor.
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Unformatted text preview: This is because ammeters have negligible resistance when placed in circuit, thus not affection measured current. 4. Each resistor will be place in series and current measured by the ammeter. 8. A multimeter can measure voltage, current and resistance. All three will be measured in this lab, although only using direct current....
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