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1984 and US connect

1984 and US connect - who to declare war on after 9/11 as...

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1984 Recitation review 9/9/09 Warning government can control too much of our lives Shows ways government might be trying to control us Get power from consent of governed Based on the fact that some people expected others to bear the main load of rebellion Similar to slavery Used fear to gain power Lack of knowledge and that there was a fear of the outside world and their country was a safe zone Didn’t have capability to imagine revolution Even if something happened that was bad the people didn’t know it was because of all the bandaging of documents and that they were changed to appear as if Oceania was always winning. Warning against how government can control education Similarities of 1984 to US after 9/11 The patriot act was similar to invasion of personal freedom, Similar to how we couldn’t decide
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Unformatted text preview: who to declare war on after 9/11 as Oceania was with Eurasia and eastasia. When people are scared they will lose all morality and common decency. When scared, people look to their government. America Best?? Freedoms of everything Elasticity of government and that it will often change Generally America has been an example for other countries but it seldom needs to look to other countries for expansion. We have privileges of being oblivious to what is happening in America, where other countries have so much knowledge about America. We often look at news as about celebrities rather than actual country stuff Obama sentiment Used the decal of a field that is the red and white stripes, then the sun rising above the field against a blue sky...
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