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august 31 - Contracts a.iv.2. Laws and Practices a.v....

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An Introduction to government or Why do people have government? 1. What is Government? a. A definition of government a.i. –rules and regulations, governing over a group of people a.ii. Government is the structure and processes through which rules or policies are authoritatively determined for society as a whole b. A definition of state b.i. A state is a human community which successfully claims within a territory the legitimate use of physical force. c. Patterson: Authority – the recognized right of an individual, organization or institution to exercise power; Power – the ability of persons or institutions to control power 2. How does government affect your life? a. More generally how does Government affect your life? a.i. Protection from Foreign Threat a.ii. Public Safety a.ii.1. Police a.ii.2. Fire Protection a.iii. Physical infrastructure a.iii.1. Schools a.iii.2. Highways a.iii.3. Utility Management a.iii.3.a. Electricity a.iii.3.b. Water and Sewage a.iii.3.c. Natural Gas a.iii.3.d. Telephone a.iv. Legal Infrastructure a.iv.1.
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Unformatted text preview: Contracts a.iv.2. Laws and Practices a.v. Consumer protection a.v.1. Food safety a.v.2. Product Safety a.v.3. Interest rate disclosure a.v.4. Corrupt business practices a.v.5. Certification of professionals a.v.6. Air Travel Enviromental Protection a.vii. Disaster assistance a.viii. Entertainment a.viii.1. Morning Edition to Bert and Ernie b. Economic Manager b.i. Interest Rates, money Supply b.ii. Trade Rules – work rules b.iii. Ownership decisions b.iii.1. Private property is partially a government decision and related to economic management b.iv. Jobs b.iv.1. Many people work directly or indirectly for government b.v. Overseas Protector (passports) Social Security/medicare b.vii. Welfare b.viii. Taxes 3. What functions does government serve? a. Protection b. Promotion of the common good c. Problem solving d. Conflict resolution 4. Who tends to run government? a. Majoritarianism b. Pluralism c. Elitism d. Bureaucratic Rule...
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august 31 - Contracts a.iv.2. Laws and Practices a.v....

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