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Essay Assignment 1 Address each of the four questions below in your essay. You can answer them in four separate sections, but a good essay done in this style will have your answer to one part reflected in your answer to other parts. For example, you might discuss how the U.S. compares to Oceania when doing question 2. You can also answer the questions in the context of a single essay. For example, you might write broadly about how governments generate support from their citizenry, and find that each of these questions fall within that theme. The order you address these questions, and how you organize your essay is entirely up to you. There will be no particular reward for writing a general essay over writing in pieces. Pick the style that appeals to you. Questions: 1. Describe the main techniques that the government in Oceania uses to develop positive feelings for the government. Illustrate these techniques with specific examples from 1984 . On the whole would you say the government described in
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