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Oct 14,19,21,26 - Political Parties 1. Direct...

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Political Parties 1. Direct Representation: the view that elected officials pursue policies that reflect the views of the citizens that elected them. 2. Accountability: the view that as policy is implemented that those responsible for creating the policy can be identified, and subsequently rewarded or punished depending on whether the policy succeeds or fails. a. Hold party responsible 3. Party: A party is any political group identified by an official label that presents at election and is capable of placing through election (free or nonfree) candidates for public office. 4. Principle functions of political parties a. To structure political conflict b. To help carry out the resolution of that conflict in a manner consistent with the electoral mandate 5. Party Identification a. An expresses attachment to one or the other political parties b. It is usually determined by an individual’s response to the question: b.i. “Generally speaking, do you usually think of yourself as (a democrat?),(a republican?), or (an independent?) 6. Realignment and Dealignment a. Re-refers to the switch in support from one party to another b. De-refers to a decline in identification with any party, and hence an increase in the
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Oct 14,19,21,26 - Political Parties 1. Direct...

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