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Similarities Popular president backing, democratic house Bargaining – Anti abortion, Differences Think about commonalities, there are similarities and differences between these two bills, as you write it find common trends then go back and change it or it may come down later. House bill farther to left. Conference committee. 86- republican led, took a good bit from everyone effects across the board, republican principles, Reagan number one priority was cutting income taxes, goals were clear appealing to tax rates down and the loop holes, Bradley democrat leader began the reform, if it makes sense it is hard to challenge, Didn’t vest one party with the power to write the bill, knew it would need broad support from both parties, democratic house passed bill so republican senate could not afford not to pass the bill, REAL bipartisan consensus, this is a major problem here entire generation of congressmen who have no idea about how to work with the opposing party, when a big change
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Unformatted text preview: gets rolling it’s hard to stop, motivation was negative, no one wanted to be the one to kill reform, 09 – Democratic, take from rich and give to the poor, democratic principles, business interests are split which creates room for a once again persuasive president to press for change. Cover everyone and cut costs. Not enough time to know if Obama made a mistake letting congress create the health care reform. Best chance of succeeding is that no one wants to be the one to let health care reform die, easiest way of making this work is passing one bill in house, another in the senate then send it to conference committee and work with the white house then giving it to the president to muster support for, must not be so narrow simply this no tax employer benefits or no public option because president cannot focus on such a small part until it is time for the final bill,...
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