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POLI essay 01 - PID: 7148-02332 T.A. Jeff Harden Section...

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PID: 7148-02332 T.A. – Jeff Harden Section 618, Wed. 11 Word Count 1356 Government is the system in which society and its communities are governed. Each person has a different idea about what exactly the government’s responsibilities and its policies should encompass. Our government here in the United States is by far superior to any other current government, in my opinion. The government uses several techniques for gaining the support of Americans, during the election and during times of war and peace. In 1984 , George Orwell uses several techniques for gaining the support of the governed that I feel are derived from the techniques used around 1948, the time 1984 was written. Freedom is not free. This is an extremely patriotic idea that is often used to justify the service of the American Army, Air Force, and Navy. Because of these organizations America has become the obvious choice for the best country to live. These organizations were not always as structured as they are today but the ideals that they fight for are the same ones that our forefathers struggled to achieve and implement. The diversity that we have procured is another very important aspect as to why America is great. Our country has been called the melting pot of countries; we have people risking their lives by sneaking across borders just to come to this country for a future. Does it not show us that America is great if middle to upper class people are running away from their old lives to come and work at any job that Americans feel they are too good to do? I think it clearly does. America is also the land of choices, here we have the option to choose our jobs, be able to have as many children as we wish, and we can simply do whatever we want within the confines of the laws. I feel that this fact is extremely important to
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acknowledge, many countries may have a bit better economy, a higher literacy rate, or a better economy. But what good is being able to read if you can only read certain literature?
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POLI essay 01 - PID: 7148-02332 T.A. Jeff Harden Section...

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