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POLI Essay 02 - 714802332 Jeff Harden Sect. 618, Wed. 11...

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714802332 Jeff Harden Sect. 618, Wed. 11 Word Count – 1599 In 1986 there was tax reformation that was quite easily the largest reform in the history of the United States. Today it appears that we are in the middle of a similar reform except it is dealing with health care. These two cases encompass many differences but the similarities are much more numerous. It is necessary for the president to be on board and advocating an idea for it to get any interest from congress. In the tax reform Reagan was a main facilitator. He started out with the idea of a lower tax rate and let congress run with the idea. This is much like the health care today because President Obama came into the White House with an idea and a plan to provide health care for everyone and to lower the costs. He also is giving congress this simple outline and allowing them to run. Both the presidents use the idea of just getting the ball rolling and hoping it will roll far enough to get legislation passed. They also have personalities that are similar which I believe will become more important in health care reform later on. The fact that Reagan was an actor before a politician clearly put him a step ahead of the competition because he was able to make the people believe what he believed. President Obama is also a spectacular orator with a very believable personality. Although he rarely writes his speeches, it is the deliverance that people remember and are drawn to. He is very confident at the podium and can connect with people on a personal level just like Reagan was able to do. Both these presidents took on an active role in promoting the passing of the legislation. Before the vote in the house President Obama made a surprise visit to the chamber and gave a quick pitch in favor of the bill
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just as Reagan did in 1985. While these presidents have much in common, at the core these presidents are very different. President Obama is working to raise taxes to support the health care reformation which is something that Reagan would never have done. This is because of their political ideologies about how government should be run. Party control is definitely a notable aspect of both these instances.
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POLI Essay 02 - 714802332 Jeff Harden Sect. 618, Wed. 11...

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